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Portals of the Week Series: Captain Cooks’ Cottage

… well, technically it hasn’t been ‘portals of the week’ lately, seeing as the last entry in this series was quite a while ago!  This week’s portal is Captain Cooks’ Cottage:


Captain Cooks’ Cottage (also known as Cooks’ Cottage) sits in Melbourne’s Fitzroy Gardens:


Cooks’ Cottage was built in 1755 in Great Ayton in North Yorkshire, by the parents of James Cook. There does not appear to be any official evidence showing that James himself lived in the cottage.

The information below has been taken from the Wikipedia entry for Cooks’ Cottage:

In 1933 the owner of the cottage decided to sell it with a condition of sale that the building remain in England. She was persuaded to change “England” to “the Empire”, and accepted an Australian bid of £800, by Russell Grimwade as opposed to the highest local offer of £300.

The cottage was deconstructed brick by brick and packed into 253 cases and 40 barrels, for shipping on board the Port Dunedin from Hull. Cuttings from ivy that adorned the house were also taken and planted when the house was re-erected in Melbourne. Grimwade, a notable businessman and philanthropist, donated the house to the people of Victoria for the centenary anniversary of the settlement of Melbourne in October 1934.

The cottage immediately became a popular tourist attraction. In 1978 further restoration work was carried out on the cottage. An English cottage garden has been established around the house, further adding to its period reconstruction. Very few of the items in the house are from the Cook family, but all are representative furnishings of the period.

In the Fitzroy Gardens, you’ll find more portals, one being the Conservatory (photo strategically taken to avoid including work utes):



The Fitzroy Gardens are popular with families because of the model Tudor village and the Fairy Tree:


Photo from Wikipedia entry for Fitzroy Gardens

Grab a picnic, grab your scanner and enjoy!

Previous Portals of the Week:


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Visiting Enlightened Agents

By now most of us can spot a fellow Ingress player from way off.  The Ingress Shuffle tends to give it away, more so when you have a group of people doing it.

And so it was that a group of Melbourne Enlightened agents were spotted by a fellow E from out of town.  Agent tilbert was visiting our fair city from the US.  Melbourne Enlightened Blog thanks Agent tilbert for agreeing to be featured  🙂  His answers to our questions follow.


AGENT:  tilbert

LEVEL: I actually did make L8 in Sydney a couple days after leaving Melbourne.  I blew up a portal on the Pyrmont bridge Saturday night, just a few minutes before the weekly Harbourside fireworks display started.  It was a nice little celebration.


What are your thoughts on playing Ingress in Melbourne? How does Ingress in Melbourne compare to Ingress in your home town?

On the technical side, for some reason my GPS/cell location in Australia barely worked at all. Not just from being in cities, even in open fields I drifted wildly. I was in Singapore a week or so later and things seemed to work fine. Not sure if there’s something weird with GPS in southern latitudes or if geolocation from cell towers is just wonky. But in any case, I had some really sloppy resonator placement where I just gave up and tried to mash the deploy button as I drifted by the portals.

On the social side, there’s definitely a lot more chatter and coordination in Melbourne than in other places. I actually haven’t been at home (San Francisco) much since the Ingress launch – I think I’ve dinged in Bangkok, London, Amsterdam, SF, and Sydney, and a lot of the AP from 4->5 came in Bruges, and most of 7->8 came in Madrid. Australia in general seemed to have a lot more socializing and coordination going on – both in setting up farms, and coordinating with people on intel at home. It’s a nice touch.

What’s your favourite portal in your home town of San Francisco?

I’m partial to this creepy rabbit portal:


This (and the portals next to it) is kind of my home portal, but they flip constantly.

Did you have a favourite portal/portals to visit in Melbourne?

I stayed in a hotel where I could hack St. Augustine’s Church from my room, which was pretty nice. I liked the weird green stuff on the walk around Etihad stadium as well. Sadly I didn’t have much time to go around much outside the CBD.

Were there any portals here you found challenging?

All of them, due to GPS drift. I did have a comically bad time with Goldsbrough Lane Sign, first because of the drift (multiplied by being inside, I think), and second because I didn’t realize a Resistance agent worked nearby and was defending it while I was running back and forth trying to get a good location fix.

Did you get to try tram-by hack/capture?

Nope, mostly just walked around near the CBD, and the other trips were farther and took buses (to/from the airport, and to Phillip Island).

Did you meet up with local agents?

Just the group with the L8 farm that one day. Awfully convenient that you were all out there right after I got into town and checked intel. Anyways, I had a great time in Melbourne, both in meeting some local agents and just in general wandering around the city.


Thanks agent, Agent tilbert!  It’s always great to meet fellow Es from around the world!

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Hardcore Ingress!

At some point, we try to convince the Muggles that we’re not weird geeks obsessed with the little portals game.  We tell tales of social events, of making new friends and seeking out cultural and historical artefacts.  We do our best to throw in a bit of Indiana Jones meets Bear Grylls mystique.  The Muggles then see that we are NORMAL REGULAR PEOPLE.

… and then you go on an overnight mission which starts at 2am and ends well after sunrise, and you begin to wonder if the Muggles may have a point.

On May 5th, a mission saw us all meet in the city at 2am.  Agents were well rugged up, some loaded with caffeine, others seen tying double knots in their laces– after all, delays can be costly!


Meeting at 0200. Photo by Agent JamDonut


Portal trees? Photo by Agent YukinoRingo

The mission objective was to paint the city purple and green by building a L8 portal, hacking it once and moving on, all the while supplying AP to our lower level agents.  This was not a farm mission.  Lower level agents were a very important part of the plan, capturing and linking in advance to help prepare the ground for the L8 agents.


Enlightened agents looking cool. Photo taken by Agent YukinoRingo

We had the numbers to form two groups of L8 agents, each with lower levels accompanying them.  Both groups set off in different directions and arranged to regroup later on.


Moving stealthily through the wilds of Federation Square. Photo by Agent JamDonut

Now, we know that Ingress is not fun without an opposition and we first heard the whirring of Resistance wheels (literally) just before 4am, when two agents showed up on wheeled transport to attack our portals. Our lower levels defended well and our second team was able to continue building without interference.  The first team moved to a different location and were impressed by the cycling skills of the Resistance agent that followed!

The first L8 portal of the night was built just after 2am. By the time the mission was over, roughly five hours later, Enlightened had built approximately 118 separate L8 portals.  Our lower level agents scored a fantastic amount of AP.

The mission concluded around 7:15am and the two Resistance agents with wheeled transport had joined us.  Another Resistance agent had been attacking in the city earlier on.  These agents did a great job for the Resistance!


Long after sunrise… Photo by Agent JamDonut (Zzzzz…)

More photos were taken on the night, hopefully we can put some more up as they come in.

Getting teams together for missions like this is one of the great things about Ingress.  Fantastic company and many laughs.  Definitely something we should do again!  😉

Thank you to everyone who participated and those at home watching the fun on Intel  😀

Cast of Characters:





Random Passerby Dude Balancing Huge Garbage Bag On His Head

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Portals of the Week series: HM Prison Pentridge

Welcome to the second post in the Portals of The Week series.  This week’s feature portals are part of HM Prison Pentridge. The two Pentridge portals are Pentridge Gate and D Division.


Pentridge was built in 1850 and stands in the suburb of Coburg, about 9km from the Melbourne city area.  The prison closed in May 1997.



Spot the Ingress geek.


Redevelopment has taken place since then and there are a number of appartments, with more residential redevelopments planned.





Pentridge was divided up in to a number of blocks, with each block containing a given ‘category’ of prisoner.  D Division housed prisoners on remand:


Jika Jika was the maximum security division.  It was opened in 1980 and operated for seven years.  Jika Jika won an ‘excellence in concrete’ award.  Nice!

The Brosnan portal is located on Dawson Street in Brunswick, close to Sydney Road.  Father John Brosnan was Chaplain at Pentridge Prison for thirty years.  In 1977, a youth hostel was established to house young men who had been released from the prison system.  The program was later renamed Brosnan Youth Services. It has been rumoured that the Brosnan portal has been seen sporting a green hat, however no evidence exists to suggest that Father Brosnan is a fan of accessories.

Previously: State Library of Victoria


The Melbourne Enlightened megafield, April 7th, 2013


On April 7th, 2013 Enlightened agents travelled across the state of Victoria to set up a megafield.  Our key portals were in Apollo Bay, Shepparton and Sale and we gained over one million Mind Units.

Agent ozmusic planned and lead the operation, which was broken down in to three teams for the megafield. Team Green Apples travelled north to Shepparton, team Greenpeace travelled west to Apollo Bay and team Green Art travelled east to Sale.

We also had local team Green Farm who provided a distraction by turning the Werribee area green with level 7 portals right before the megafield event.  The day before the megafield, a city based ‘Smash ‘n’ Grab’ raid took place and agents in various areas were encouraged to link as much as possible.

The megafield is a terrific example of Ingress taking you to beautiful locations!  Some of the agents from the Greenpeace team (named because of the ‘Seals in the Park’ portal) enjoyed a short holiday in Apollo Bay.  Apollo Bay is a coastal town along the Great Ocean Road, about two and a half hours drive southwest of Melbourne.  This is the kind of scenery Greenpeace team were surrounded by.  Ingress and holidays make a great combination!  Agents amwh, wintrmute, BatouS9, etbe and JamDonut covered the western side of the mission and enjoyed the sunshine as well:


Photo taken by Agent JamDonut

Happy agents from the Green Apples team at one of the many cow portals in Shepparton.  Shepparton is around three hours drive northeast of Melbourne and located on the Goulburn River, a major inland river and the longest river in Victoria:


Photo taken by Agent Entee’s partner

Sale is about two and a half hours drive southeast of Melbourne and located in the Gippsland region.  Agent Laylika and Agent Ranorith covered the eastern part of the megafield operation.  The Sale Swing Bridge, built in 1883, was the first movable bridge built in Victoria:

Photo credit: Ian Fieggen, 26 April 2010, Wikipedia. Not affiliated with Melbourne Enlightened

Agent wiggy previously visited the Clock Tower portal in Sale and provided these pics:


Photo taken by Agent wiggy

Lake Guyatt, where you’ll find a cluster of portals and artworks:


Photo taken by Agent wiggy


Photo taken by Agent wiggy

Agent wiggy’s scanner screencap in Sale.  Guess the portals!


Our Werribee distraction team hard at work:


Photo taken by Agent ouranoss


Photo taken by Agent ouranoss

The Smash ‘n’ Grab team by the Sir Redmond Barry portal on April 6th, 2013:


Photo taken by Agent ouranoss

Agent ouranoss captured the scene on scanner:


We will feature more posts on the megafield in the near future as well as some history of megafields in Melbourne.  Stay tuned!

If you have a trip planned somewhere, consider a megafield!  There’s a lot of fun to be had in the planning and execution and the enjoyment of the megafield while it lasts.  The Resistance did well to take down the field after a few hours, with their agents going on long drives to do so.  This is part of the excitement of Ingress, now that we have so many more agents and portals.  It’s fun to put up a megafield and equally fun for the other faction to take it down.  The game steps up a notch, with each team thinking of ways to get the upper hand, even if it is relatively temporary!  Well done to all involved from teams Resistance and Enlightened!