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One for the Ingress history books!

Wow, what a magnificent weekend for the Enlightened in Australia and New Zealand!  Reports are currently being compiled to provide agents everywhere with more information on this awesome mission:


As you can imagine, this mission involved lots of planning!  So much was involved and there’s just waaay too much to write here so when the official report comes out, it will be included here on the Melbourne Enlightened Blog.  Stay tuned  🙂

There have been magnificent achievements by both factions in Ingress worldwide that highlight the power of team work and cooperation. We’re looking forward to the next big thing.  Will it be blue, or green?


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More details on Enlightened Adelaide’s megafield of May 19th, 2013


Sunday, May 19th 2013

What began as some casual doodling on the Intel map some time ago has now become reality due to the dedication and efforts of our local Enlightened players.


Operation: Green Dream began, in spirit, several months ago, when Adelaide Enlightened agents noticed that a very hard to access portal went live in the remote mining town of Roxby Downs. Being 550km north of metropolitan Adelaide – a solid ten hour drive through the desolate wasteland known as central South Australia – we knew this portal would be an excellent choice for creating a field, providing we could do the unthinkable and secure it for our faction.


Little changed for months, and nothing more was done with regards to this, until agent kiwikjkh informed us that he had the good (bad?) luck to be doing some work in Roxby Downs and could secure us keys to link all the way up there.


With a rough idea of the shape we needed in order to envelop Adelaide in a solid green glow loved by Enlightened and envied by Resistance, we began to plan out a field. Each of the other portals required for this field would require at least 7 and likely 8 L8 agents due to the immense distances involved. Further complicating matters, due to the geography of South Australia the only reliable second and third points to our field would be deep in Resistance territory – while we comprehensively controlled the metropolitan area, we lacked active agents in the Riverlands, and sending out agents to upgrade a portal in advance would be wasted as it would be flipped back to blue within hours.


Without two full teams of agents available on the day, we were unable to progress, and the field remained a dream for quite some time.


As we gained more L8 agents – and as we controlled metropolitan Adelaide to such an extent that nearly all of our agents were constantly fighting the item limit more than they were fighting the Resistance – the idea of a very large field kept coming back.


Rather than start small, with, say, a little 4000km² mini sliver of a field, we decided to go ahead and make something truly impressive. If you want to do something, you do it well or you don’t do it at all was our motto, and we began planning in earnest over the past fortnight.


We managed to arrive at a consensus regarding a field encompassing all of Adelaide, anchored by Roxby Downs to the north, Granite Island to the south and Berri to the northeast. With Apollo Bay in Victoria also barely in range of our portals for this operation we sourced Apollo keys from the excellent Melbourne Enlightened crew via the very helpful agent JamDonut, who was happy to go out of her way to meet local agent groceryshopping during a visit to Melbourne.


This giant field would require:


  1. A trip to Berri, 240km northeast of Adelaide, by at least 7 L8 agents;


  1. A near-simultaneous trip to Granite Island, 100km south of Adelaide by the same number of agents;


  1. Two teams of link breakers in South Australia, one in Murray Bridge, the heart of Riverland Resistance and the other in Gawler, ready to both break links and prevent local Resistance agents from panic linking to block our fields.


  1. One team of link breakers in Victoria, ready to clear the path to Apollo Bay.

With the keys all sourced, all that remained was organising a date and time for our agents to be available.


We trickle upgraded Granite Island over the course of a few days, with agents kurb, CptTEMH, MercurialAnalyst, nels90210, CrazyDutchman and ElecMonk making their way south over the preceding week to gauge Resistance reaction. We also upgraded Goolwa in a similar manner as a backup location.


With emergency plans in place in case our Granite Island trickle upgrades were noticed, Melbourne agents AddleBrains and Heidecha going well out of their way to clear Warnambool links and agent blitzcreig clearing a critical Geelong link, and with redundancy upon redundancy layered into several other aspects of our plan, we were finally ready to make our move.


Agent MeHz solo’d Murray Bridge one night prior to the operation, hoping to slow down Resistance response in order to ensure our link breakers had no trouble keeping the town clean for the duration of our trip.


We had also arranged an extra layer of complexity to our field at the last minute courtesy of input from agent CrazyDutchman who identified a stacking field possibility obtainable by only a minor detour en route to Berri. This sadly proved to be impossible to achieve due to a ghost link blocking this portal after pre-clearing the area the night before our operation. Said ghost link also forced us to relocate our northeast destination portal slightly, another 30km away from Adelaide, to a small town named Loxton.


Agent Loki6969 organised our Bang Bus Bus of Enlightenment and with agents all making themselves available above and beyond the call of duty, we finally set out to create Australia’s two largest fields.


Team Gargamel’s Sons, consisting of 8 L8 agents – nels90210, kurb, MercurialAnalyst, Loki6969, DAKREN, MeHz, snowFoxi and CrazyDutchman and 1 L7 agent, goingfission, met at Loki’s lair and reviewed the plans one last time before we began our trip to Loxton.


Team Balthazar’s Legion, consisting initially of the entirety of the agents required to boost Granite Island to the required energy level, ended up only consisting of agent kiwikjkh due to Resistance not reacting to our trickle upgrades and backup agent Dislexsick being covered in paint due to a fetish night gone horribly wrong. The remainder of this team had already upgraded earlier in the week, with CptTEMH providing invaluable assistance placing the last L8 resonator, eliminating the need for a backup agent, which proved fortuitous.


Team Acolytes of Azrael, consisting of agents XxInvictus, Addling and Adelaide Resistance’s best friend, Chehazul, were designated link breakers for Murray Bridge for this operation. Agents LordCoLa and SLAYER72 acted as emergency backup for Gawler and Elizabeth, while SLAYER72 also acted as an operator, communicating with all teams and ensuring our agents are kept up to date in regards to Resistance activity.


Murray Bridge link breaking agents were first to arrive at their destination, and proceeded to cause a nuisance in Murray Bridge until the locals gave up and went home. They stayed in Murray Bridge until the field was secured, and managed to kill a critical link that likely could have caused us issues were they not there on the day.


The Loxton team were en route to their destination, with agent goingfission solo capturing portals on the way so as to not attract undue attention to our bus of fun rolling up towards Loxton. Agent kiwikjkh arrived at Granite Island shortly ahead of us.


With a mere 30km to our destination, we were alerted to the fact that one of our players had accidentally misfired a burster in Barmera and appeared in COMMS as a result. Also, agent kiwikjkh had captured a new unclaimed portal near Granite Island. Between these two players appearing on COMMS and XxInvictus mysteriously camping Murray Bridge for “no reason at all”, the smurf was out of the bag and we had to rush to complete our field before a Resistance agent could emergency link and block us.


We rushed to the Loxton portal required to complete our field and fired off our links in the order we had discussed prior. The northern field went up without a hitch, with agent Loki6969 securing field completion for a total size of 60,858 km² and 557k MU. Kiwikjkh also completed two additional mini fields to various other Roxby Downs portals that had gone live and been linked in preparation of this field.


However, despite both IITC and Google Maps showing the links being clear, kiwikjkh could not complete our Apollo field, as there was apparently a link in the way. While we initially suspected Hamilton’s links were interfering, we have near-certain confirmation that this was not the case and now suspect a ghost link or Intel maps not providing a clear line for long distance links in this manner.


Nevertheless, with the help of agent SLAYER72 on operator duty, and agents Addling and Chehazul ready to move, we rerouted the lower half of our field to Goolwa, 30km east of Granite Island. Our lone Granite Island agent kiwikjkh arranged to meet agents Addling and Chehazul at Goolwa and together they completed our second field, clocking in at a cool 60,073 km² and 140k MU.


The net result of our fields comes in at a total of 120,131 km² and a total score of just shy of 700k MU. As far as we are aware, each of these fields individually are easily Australia’s largest in terms of size, although clearly not MU due to the small population in this region of the country.


By way of comparison, the largest Adelaide Resistance field created to date clocked in at 4,215km², around 28 times smaller than this double field.


With thanks to agent GhettoElectric for compiling this list, the amount of territory covered by our fields is enough to entirely engulf several smaller nations:


Benin 112,622km²

Honduras 112,492km²

Liberia 111,369km²

Bulgaria 110,879km²

Cuba 109,884km²

Guatemala 108,889km²

Iceland 103,000km²

South Korea 100,210km²


Additionally, for a size comparison, the link distance between our two anchor portals is 1108km, which is long enough for this field, if transposed elsewhere in the world, to reach from:


London to Padua, Italy

New York to Antigonish, Nova Scotia

Fukuoka, Japan to Shenyang, China.

Sydney to Gladstone, Queensland


This operation required many, many agents from multiple states, a ton of time spent planning, some degree of subterfuge and a lot of hours spent collecting keys and organising agents.The entire event, from planning to finally making it a reality, has been a blast, and from the bottom of my heart I thank every Enlightened agent who took part in this at every step of the way, from inception to delivery 🙂