Melbourne Enlightened

Ingress Enlightened in Melbourne, Australia



We have an active Google+ private community called Ingress Melbourne Enlightened.  It is a private group so you must request to join.  To do this, please request to join the group then go to Ingress, click on the Faction chat tab and post your initials, along with a message that you have applied to join the community.  This private community is located at


Ingress Melbourne (Victoria) Enlightened Public Google+ page provides some information to the public.  Please don’t apply to join this group if you are an Enlightened agent as it is for information purposes only.  The community to join is the private Melbourne Enlightened community mentioned above.  Thanks!  You can find this public page at

The Ingress Enlightened Victoria, Australia recruitment site is located at  It provides information on joining the Enlightened team, some introductory info on Ingress and some snapshots of life as an Enlightened agent!

Ingress Faction chat is used to communicate in-game with your fellow Enlightened agents.  Please be sure to use Faction chat when discussing plans or faction specific comments but be warned, there may be spies!  It’s best to keep more sensitive data off Faction chat.  The All chat means that the Resistance will see your comments too, so take care!  It’s also appreciated if you keep personal details (such as real names of other agents) off the in-game chats.


Please leave a comment! And play nice!

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