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Musical Interlude #1: where we drift away

The Shapers whisper to the world through beautiful works of art and genius.  Music is no exception.  Did the Shapers influence Mentor Williams to write an Ingress song back in the early 70s? What do you think?

Presenting Exhibit A: lyrics to “Drift Away” with Melbourne Enlightened editor comments in the [  ]:

Drift Away
(Mentor Williams)

Day after day I’m more confused [this is clearly about your first days as a new agent and wondering what those cardinal directions are for]
So I look for the light in the pouring rain [trying to find your faction’s status reports in all chat on COMM]
You know that’s a game that I hate to lose [this is SO about Ingress]
I’m feelin’ the strain, ain’t it a shame [this is about dinging level 2 then realising that level 2 bursters are only slightly less crappy than level 1s]

Oh, give me the beat, boys, and free my soul [clearly about becoming Enlightened]
I wanna get lost in your rock and roll and drift away [‘rock and roll’ is a metaphor for dodgy GPS so you can ‘drift away’ within range of tricky portals like Queen Bee]
Oh, give me the beat, boys, and free my soul
I wanna get lost in your rock and roll and drift away

Beginning to think that I’m wastin’ time [the grind to level 8 sure is tough you guys]
I don’t understand the things I do [“yes madam, I really do need to stand in the middle of your picnic”]
The world outside looks so unkind [a call to become Enlightened and make the world a better place!]
I’m countin’ on you to carry me through [and the Shapers will! Keep the faith!]

And when my mind is free [when you take a break from the fight and sit down with a cuppa]
You know a melody can move me [those email alerts when resonators are being destroyed… forget your cuppa]
And when I’m feelin’ blue [when your home is in a blue field]
The guitar’s comin’ through to soothe me [guitar is clearly a code word for team mates and their keys]
Thanks for the joy that you’ve given me [it’s important to show grace and thank the Shapers for Mozart and The Brady Bunch]
I want you to know I believe in your song [we do too, buddy.]
Rhythm and rhyme and harmony [well… the Shapers aren’t responsible for Gangnam Style…]
You help me along makin’ me strong [share the AP, folks.  Share the AP!]

Presenting Exhibit B: the video evidence:

This song certainly offers something to think about.  Did the Shapers take a break in the late 70s or did they whisper to us through hair metal?  And if they did, did we miss the memo?