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Visiting Enlightened Agents

By now most of us can spot a fellow Ingress player from way off.  The Ingress Shuffle tends to give it away, more so when you have a group of people doing it.

And so it was that a group of Melbourne Enlightened agents were spotted by a fellow E from out of town.  Agent tilbert was visiting our fair city from the US.  Melbourne Enlightened Blog thanks Agent tilbert for agreeing to be featured  🙂  His answers to our questions follow.


AGENT:  tilbert

LEVEL: I actually did make L8 in Sydney a couple days after leaving Melbourne.  I blew up a portal on the Pyrmont bridge Saturday night, just a few minutes before the weekly Harbourside fireworks display started.  It was a nice little celebration.


What are your thoughts on playing Ingress in Melbourne? How does Ingress in Melbourne compare to Ingress in your home town?

On the technical side, for some reason my GPS/cell location in Australia barely worked at all. Not just from being in cities, even in open fields I drifted wildly. I was in Singapore a week or so later and things seemed to work fine. Not sure if there’s something weird with GPS in southern latitudes or if geolocation from cell towers is just wonky. But in any case, I had some really sloppy resonator placement where I just gave up and tried to mash the deploy button as I drifted by the portals.

On the social side, there’s definitely a lot more chatter and coordination in Melbourne than in other places. I actually haven’t been at home (San Francisco) much since the Ingress launch – I think I’ve dinged in Bangkok, London, Amsterdam, SF, and Sydney, and a lot of the AP from 4->5 came in Bruges, and most of 7->8 came in Madrid. Australia in general seemed to have a lot more socializing and coordination going on – both in setting up farms, and coordinating with people on intel at home. It’s a nice touch.

What’s your favourite portal in your home town of San Francisco?

I’m partial to this creepy rabbit portal:


This (and the portals next to it) is kind of my home portal, but they flip constantly.

Did you have a favourite portal/portals to visit in Melbourne?

I stayed in a hotel where I could hack St. Augustine’s Church from my room, which was pretty nice. I liked the weird green stuff on the walk around Etihad stadium as well. Sadly I didn’t have much time to go around much outside the CBD.

Were there any portals here you found challenging?

All of them, due to GPS drift. I did have a comically bad time with Goldsbrough Lane Sign, first because of the drift (multiplied by being inside, I think), and second because I didn’t realize a Resistance agent worked nearby and was defending it while I was running back and forth trying to get a good location fix.

Did you get to try tram-by hack/capture?

Nope, mostly just walked around near the CBD, and the other trips were farther and took buses (to/from the airport, and to Phillip Island).

Did you meet up with local agents?

Just the group with the L8 farm that one day. Awfully convenient that you were all out there right after I got into town and checked intel. Anyways, I had a great time in Melbourne, both in meeting some local agents and just in general wandering around the city.


Thanks agent, Agent tilbert!  It’s always great to meet fellow Es from around the world!