Melbourne Enlightened

Ingress Enlightened in Melbourne, Australia

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For your next Enlightened haircut

Photo by agent etbe

Photo by agent etbe


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Survivial Kit for setting up farms in Ingress

Here are a selection of products to make your farms that little bit more manageable.

As featured before, there is the Conference Bike which seats seven:


The lady in the green shirt is my favourite. Image from

If you have eight people in your group, perhaps you could go for a conference bike then stop off at the shops for some snacks:

Make sure you get your coin back.  Image from

Make sure you get your coin back. Image from

…or this thing:

I'll take one in green!

I’ll take one in green!

A Segway:

I'm sold!  Image from

I’m sold! Image from

Essential wet weather gear.  ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL:


????… Image from


A portable greenhouse. Image by

No more confusion about who is handling which direction!  Get your own netball bibs made up.  Problem solved!

Dodge, block, pivot, obstruction.  Image from

Dodge, block, pivot, obstruction. Image from

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Enlightened style

You probably know what it’s like.  You’re walking down Chapel Street for those Prahran portals in your trackydacks and uggs.  People look at you strangely.  Sure, you tell yourself.  Muggles look at us Ingress peeps all strange like.  But hmmm, there’s something else in their stares.  You can’t quite put your finger on it but you do feel out of place somehow. Maybe this will help you next time: