Melbourne Enlightened

Ingress Enlightened in Melbourne, Australia

About Us

The Enlightened team in Melbourne are a very active bunch.  We cover many suburbs and have been known to cover many kilometres when on missions!  As more agents join the game, it has been interesting to see which faction dominates a given area.  In some areas, the Resistance may have the numbers to give them the upper hand and make life a little tough for our Enlightened agents, but this is balanced by the Enlightened dominating other areas.  This is where new agents can really make an impact– you may eventually be the ones to turn your local area your faction’s colour and keep it that way!

The Melbourne Enlightened are also a friendly bunch and we welcome you to our community!  We have a private Google+ community where you may post requests for assistance and other agents are more than happy to help you out.  Please see the Community tab at the top of this page for more information.

Our team consists of players of all ages. Famlies with children of all ages and abilities are welcome!  Ingress is a fabulous educational tool– maths, geography, history and more learning opportunities packed in to a fun game that gets you moving!

We have female agents at higher levels who act as mentors to new female recruits.

We also have agents who are happy to meet with you individually, or a small group if you prefer.  Whatever your comfort level, we would like to accommodate you.  If you want to learn the ropes on your own, that’s completely okay!

Melbourne Enlightened plan social events and game related events that are open to everyone.  Information about these events are posted in the private Google+ community.

We want Ingress to be a positive, fun experience for everyone involved.  We look forward to seeing you!


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