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Melbourne Enlightened on the Ingress Report ep. 11 and some clarification

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The latest Ingress Report (episode 11) features a SITREP segment of the Melbourne Enlightened female agents establishing all-women L8 portals back in May:

Unfortunately the script Susanna Moyer read was incorrect– she stated this as a world first claim however at no point in the SITREP submission was this claim made.  The agents concerned were very clear that this was a first in Australia and Southern Hemisphere.  Our agents knew this was not a world first as Resistance in the US hold that record, and Enlightened all-women L8 portals followed.

If you watch the video, you will see our agent refer to Australia/Southern Hemisphere.  Again, at no point did these agents claim that this was a world first, either as a general first or Enlightened first. The agents in Melbourne were going for an Australian record, not a world record, and this is how the SITREP submission was worded.

It is unfortunate for a lot of people that this was reported incorrectly on the Ingress Report.  Our agents have tried to clear this up where possible, on public forums and hopefully Ingress Report can post a correction.





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One thought on “Melbourne Enlightened on the Ingress Report ep. 11 and some clarification

  1. Annoying! Also a bit sad that Ingress Report was apparently not aware of the US achievement.

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