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An Australian first: Melbourne Enlightened create first all-women Level 8 portal!






Tonight agents from Melbourne gathered to create Australia’s first all-female level 8 Enlightened portal, a record we’re very proud of!  Our chosen portal was Women In Medicine  😀  From there we moved on towards the University of Melbourne to build some more L8s.

The agents involved were KudraKalliope, wiggy, Starr, Laylika, JamDonut, gimble, Heidecha and Oble.     *Cheers!*



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7 thoughts on “An Australian first: Melbourne Enlightened create first all-women Level 8 portal!

  1. Congrats! That makes me the first person in Australia to smash an all women L8 portal 😉

  2. Seems pretty sexist to split them out into a different category! Wonder if I can be part of the first L8 portal made up of people who’s first name starts with a P!

  3. @Laylika – No Trolling, as I said, something never considered and I think that is a great thing. There has been a lot of discrimintation of women over the years (not being allowed to vote, lower wages, etc) and to be honest, I haven’t seen gender as an issue in the game and therefore I never saw it as an achievement to try to tick off! My personal opinion is, that if you split this out as a category, you are making gender an issue in an environment it wasn’t! Does it mean that the Resistance should add to our list of firsts (to go with first level 8 player and first level 8 portal in victoria) First all male level 8 portal? Not sure which side had first mixed level 8 portal and who was the first female level 8 agent in the state? (Was it KK?)


  4. The fact that the game is dominated by male players means that this was a big deal for us. You have the luxury of thinking that gender doesn’t really matter but as women we have to think about it all the time. Noone pointed out that your first L8 portal was all male because people expect it/don’t notice it. Most of us don’t mention our gender on all chat, are cautioned about playing at night or feel unsafe. I’ve found Ingress to be a really friendly environment but I’ve still had the odd comment here or there to remind me that I’m a woman and that makes me different.

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