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The Melbourne Enlightened megafield, April 7th, 2013



On April 7th, 2013 Enlightened agents travelled across the state of Victoria to set up a megafield.  Our key portals were in Apollo Bay, Shepparton and Sale and we gained over one million Mind Units.

Agent ozmusic planned and lead the operation, which was broken down in to three teams for the megafield. Team Green Apples travelled north to Shepparton, team Greenpeace travelled west to Apollo Bay and team Green Art travelled east to Sale.

We also had local team Green Farm who provided a distraction by turning the Werribee area green with level 7 portals right before the megafield event.  The day before the megafield, a city based ‘Smash ‘n’ Grab’ raid took place and agents in various areas were encouraged to link as much as possible.

The megafield is a terrific example of Ingress taking you to beautiful locations!  Some of the agents from the Greenpeace team (named because of the ‘Seals in the Park’ portal) enjoyed a short holiday in Apollo Bay.  Apollo Bay is a coastal town along the Great Ocean Road, about two and a half hours drive southwest of Melbourne.  This is the kind of scenery Greenpeace team were surrounded by.  Ingress and holidays make a great combination!  Agents amwh, wintrmute, BatouS9, etbe and JamDonut covered the western side of the mission and enjoyed the sunshine as well:


Photo taken by Agent JamDonut

Happy agents from the Green Apples team at one of the many cow portals in Shepparton.  Shepparton is around three hours drive northeast of Melbourne and located on the Goulburn River, a major inland river and the longest river in Victoria:


Photo taken by Agent Entee’s partner

Sale is about two and a half hours drive southeast of Melbourne and located in the Gippsland region.  Agent Laylika and Agent Ranorith covered the eastern part of the megafield operation.  The Sale Swing Bridge, built in 1883, was the first movable bridge built in Victoria:

Photo credit: Ian Fieggen, 26 April 2010, Wikipedia. Not affiliated with Melbourne Enlightened

Agent wiggy previously visited the Clock Tower portal in Sale and provided these pics:


Photo taken by Agent wiggy

Lake Guyatt, where you’ll find a cluster of portals and artworks:


Photo taken by Agent wiggy


Photo taken by Agent wiggy

Agent wiggy’s scanner screencap in Sale.  Guess the portals!


Our Werribee distraction team hard at work:


Photo taken by Agent ouranoss


Photo taken by Agent ouranoss

The Smash ‘n’ Grab team by the Sir Redmond Barry portal on April 6th, 2013:


Photo taken by Agent ouranoss

Agent ouranoss captured the scene on scanner:


We will feature more posts on the megafield in the near future as well as some history of megafields in Melbourne.  Stay tuned!

If you have a trip planned somewhere, consider a megafield!  There’s a lot of fun to be had in the planning and execution and the enjoyment of the megafield while it lasts.  The Resistance did well to take down the field after a few hours, with their agents going on long drives to do so.  This is part of the excitement of Ingress, now that we have so many more agents and portals.  It’s fun to put up a megafield and equally fun for the other faction to take it down.  The game steps up a notch, with each team thinking of ways to get the upper hand, even if it is relatively temporary!  Well done to all involved from teams Resistance and Enlightened!


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6 thoughts on “The Melbourne Enlightened megafield, April 7th, 2013

  1. next time your shepparton team shouldn’t leave xmp bursters right next to the portal they were pretty much asking for it to be knocked down

  2. And it was gone before anyone even got home 😀

    • (Agent JamDonut and Agent etbe): Not really 🙂 We were enjoying a holiday there for a week and felt sorry for your agent who travelled a couple hours only to find the field knocked down shortly before he arrived. The E team were able to successfully defend Apollo Bay. Good on the Resistance agent for making the effort and the long drive!

      • We feel sorry for him too that he was ambushed.
        The links were brought down so it was only a half defence.

        Anyway, it kind of sucks when the opposition know more about what went on from the R point of view than the Rs do with the propaganda going out by the NSW crew, who didnt move until hours after the field went up, got told to leave it, had a cry, then went for a jaunt in the countryside to ‘rescue melbourne’

        It was a top effort from a lot of your guys, and a top effort from a couple of Melbourne people to react to it.

  3. That was a fun day!

  4. I had a great time with the farming in Werribee that day. I`m finding the community aspect of the game the most enjoyable part. I`ve met some cool people on both sides of the ledger..

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