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Portal Parks and Playgrounds series: Coburg Lake Reserve

Pssst!  Hey kids! You know what it’s like when your parents are Agents.  They come to you all excited and they say “junior darling, there’s this fantastic new park we heard about!  We want to take you there!  Now!”  And you’re all “but MUUUUUMMM it’s three o’clock in the morning!”  And then your parents start grumbling about new uncaptured portals and then your dad starts to have a bit of a tanty .  So you have to say “GO AND SIT ON THE NAUGHTY STEP”.  But they keep saying no no no no I want the new portals I want the new portals waaah waaah.  So you sigh, put your slippers and dressing gown on, grab the car keys and keep your eyes closed in the back seat while mum does a burnout in the driveway.  And then off you all go.

Well now you can call the shots and if mum and dad refuse YOU THREATEN TO TAKE THEIR INTEL AWAY.  We’ll help you by telling you about cool parks and playgrounds that are conveniently located near portals.

And so welcome to our first post in the Parks and Playgrounds category of the Melbourne Enlightened Blog!


TARGET: Coburg Lake Reserve

PORTALS: Lucano, Alevi Elders.  A little further away you will find the Pentridge Gate portal.


Lucano portal


Alevi Elders portal

Let’s start at the Alevi Elders portal side of Coburg Lake Reserve.  Here you’ll find a playground with a cool rocket ship thingy:


You can fit your whole family on this swing.  Trust us:


There are tables and benches by the lake:


To head towards the Lucano portal, you cross the lake:


then get up to where Lucano is located.  If you’re made of tough stuff, you can try climbing this:


… but it’s easier to go this way:


At the Lucano side of Coburg Lake Reserve you’ll find another playground.  Do you think this swing would be better if it seated eight?  Get it?  That’s an Ingress joke:


There’s this cool little lounge room thingy where you can sit and hack Lucano:


For younger children there’s this wobble wobble thing and a little maze:




Flying Fox!!!  It holds an adult.  Believe me:


Coburg Lake Reserve is great for picnics and for fitness too.  There is a track around the lake and some free public fitness equipment.

Do you have a favourite park or playground near a portal, or one you can suggest?  Please leave a comment!


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Portals of the Week series: HM Prison Pentridge

Welcome to the second post in the Portals of The Week series.  This week’s feature portals are part of HM Prison Pentridge. The two Pentridge portals are Pentridge Gate and D Division.


Pentridge was built in 1850 and stands in the suburb of Coburg, about 9km from the Melbourne city area.  The prison closed in May 1997.



Spot the Ingress geek.


Redevelopment has taken place since then and there are a number of appartments, with more residential redevelopments planned.





Pentridge was divided up in to a number of blocks, with each block containing a given ‘category’ of prisoner.  D Division housed prisoners on remand:


Jika Jika was the maximum security division.  It was opened in 1980 and operated for seven years.  Jika Jika won an ‘excellence in concrete’ award.  Nice!

The Brosnan portal is located on Dawson Street in Brunswick, close to Sydney Road.  Father John Brosnan was Chaplain at Pentridge Prison for thirty years.  In 1977, a youth hostel was established to house young men who had been released from the prison system.  The program was later renamed Brosnan Youth Services. It has been rumoured that the Brosnan portal has been seen sporting a green hat, however no evidence exists to suggest that Father Brosnan is a fan of accessories.

Previously: State Library of Victoria

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Found Objects #2

This week’s submission comes to us from Agent Heidecha.  Agent Heidecha writes:

“It was game day for the Dogs, and I happened to drop by Ted Whitten for a few hacks on my way to the train station – and the game. There’s always a bit of activity at Whitten Oval leading up to games, and they show every game live at “The Pound Cafe”, if you can’t get to the ground. But on the way to Etihad, I stopped by, and there – and I couldn’t swear it wasn’t there before, but I had never noticed – was a small bulldog. Was it a game day dog? It seems not, because he’s still hanging out with Ted – but is definitely not a fixed part of the statue. West Footscray Mysteries.”


Photo taken by Agent Heidecha

Previously: Found Objects #1

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Farms and Fun Times

Here are a few shots of today’s level 8 farming.  Ask yourself: have you  properly farmed if you’re yet to go around a roundabout three times because some of your team mates were out of range?  And are you hardcore when the people in the back seat say they’re starting to feel a bit sick?


A typical scene when agents go out to eat.


A possible hole in our defence: food.


Faces blurred to protect the groovy.


Beautiful weather, great farming and great company!

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Enlightened style

You probably know what it’s like.  You’re walking down Chapel Street for those Prahran portals in your trackydacks and uggs.  People look at you strangely.  Sure, you tell yourself.  Muggles look at us Ingress peeps all strange like.  But hmmm, there’s something else in their stares.  You can’t quite put your finger on it but you do feel out of place somehow. Maybe this will help you next time: